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A new MaxMara collection for women on the move

A clothing concept that’s so brilliant, they’ve put it in a museum

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A new MaxMara collection for women on the move

September 30 2011
Lucia van der Post

Think of MaxMara, and what comes to mind? Wonderfully ladylike classic clothing including classy basics, little black dresses, crisp white shirts.

But what have we here? A collection by the ’S MaxMara brand called Here Is The Cube, first launched in 2008 but this year emerging with even more bells and whistles. The Cube project is the sort of avant-garde idea that might well have sprung from the fertile mind of one of the edgier designers.

It consists of a series of quilted coats and gilets, all lined with Siberian goose down, which is famous because of its great warmth-to-weight ratio.

The Cube project is aimed at the woman who is always on the move, wants something light, comfortable and adaptable, but also – and this is absolutely key – divinely luxurious and sophisticated. MaxMara delivers it all. The coats come in a series of parts, all packed up into a neat cube for easy travelling.

There are lots of options You could buy as little as a single gilet (from £365), but probably the most sensible thing is to start with the coat; it can be short (£585), three-quarter length (£605) or long (£665); sleeves can be added or subtracted, as can collars, cuffs, hoods. Then the hoods can be lined in mink; collars and cuffs come in fabric or fur (first picture shows coat with mink fur, £2,175, worn with matching gilet, £1,325, and gloves, £195), and can be jewelled, embellished with crystals or embroidered. For winter you can be collared, cuffed and hooded and be ready for the tundra (second picture: coat, £605, and shoulder warmer with mink fur, £1,125), but if you’re travelling to warmer climes you can divest yourself of pieces as you go.

Each year slightly different versions are launched; this year’s new colours are honey, pink, gold, military green and cocoa. It’s a brilliant notion, so brilliant that Here Is The Cube has been included in the Kulturforum collection of the Staatliche Museum in Berlin, as well as in the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. It’s worth visiting the website to get some idea of quite how versatile it is.

And if the Cube fits the sort of life you lead, check out the rest of the ’S MaxMara range – easy-to-wear but beautifully luxurious clothes for women on the go. Available from Harvey Nichols, Matches and MaxMara stores.

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