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Accessories that spell fashion success

The ladylike look is a cinch with these accessories

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Accessories that spell fashion success

September 02 2011
Lucia van der Post

This autumn there’s more fun than usual to be had with accessories that buy into the whole ladylike look that’s so beguiling. Personally, I’m eyeing up Prada, loving the 1960s take on prim housewives, trapeze skirts, black eyeliner, beehive hairdos, Princess coats, the whole retro vibe. All very decorous. But what I want to talk about here is a raft of small, clever accessories and separates that can jazz up and bring smartly into line the things you already own.

Peter Pan collars, you’ll have noticed, are everywhere. I particularly love them at Sandro, a French brand with five shops in London as well as Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols concessions – and though it hasn’t yet offered them as separate accessories (why not, Sandro?), its grey sweater with leopard-print Peter Pan collar (first picture, £165) would give a nice autumn 2011 feel to any outfit. Boutique by Jaeger also does them on cute jerseys (fourth picture, £150).

Then there are Louis Vuitton’s divine little shiny lacquered leather collars with scalloped edges (£400). Attached to a bib, in white or black, they manage to look both smart and pretty, and can be slipped under dresses, knits or blouses, making anything they work with look very of the moment. They are a brilliant notion. More can be found at Miu Miu, which has fabulous feathered numbers in white or red and are attached to a ribbon which you simply tie around your neck (second picture, £440 from net-a-porter.com). And Hobbs does a lush one in faux fur for £39.

Peplums are also hot. You don’t need to buy a whole outfit – Miu Miu has wool crêpe peplums (third picture, £540) in lots of colours, which add a fashionable touch to any slinky skirt.

Belts are going to be big, too (1950s housewives had great waists – don’t know what’s happened to them since) and Louis Vuitton’s wonderfully dramatic shiny black corset belt (£760) will add some racy glamour to a slim dress or trousers. Prada’s narrow belts with tiny bows (£190) have been such a wow all summer that it’s bringing them out in lots of new colours, such as gold, which should look great against a plain black dress. Prada also has a nice line in T-shirts with detachable sequined collars (£350) that can, clearly, be attached to other things. For serious glamour, check out its detachable fur versions. In fox (white and grey) they’re £750, in mink (brown, black and blue) they are £1,150.