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A very democratic range of denim-wear

A seriously cool collection of jeans, cut for the fuller figure

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A very democratic range of denim-wear

July 20 2011
Lucia van der Post

Followers of Van der Postings will know that a while ago I finally found a pair of jeans that I truly love and that really fit (Serfontaines from Donna Ida). They play a role in my wardrobe that nothing else quite fills – they’ve been to Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Brazil, so they’re quite the well-travelled garment.

Now, for readers who aren’t the stereotypical skinny bean, who are used to surfing the larger sizes (which in most fashion stores is anything over a size 14), it’s worth knowing that Marina Rinaldi, that stylish caterer to the modish larger woman, has come up with a serious jean collection. There are seven styles and a variety of washes, but all have been specially cut to flatter the fuller figure.

Personally I’ve not been able to fathom the fad for ripped and torn jeans – but if that’s your taste, you can find them now in sizes ranging from a 12 up to a 28 (they’re called Pencil jeans). Then there’s our old friend the Boyfriend jean (first picture), which seems to equate with shabby, worn-looking fabric.

Smartest, though, are the “rock star” jeans (called Side-zip jeans, second picture) which come in an inky denim, pencil slim with a neat little zip at the bottom of each ankle. For something really roomy yet smart, there’s a regular pair which come in a medium/light blue denim but are straight cut.

The jeans range in price between £88 and £199. But also in the collection are some denim shirts and tops and a particularly lovely frilly pale blue blouse (first picture, £162) and a perfect companion jacket in dark navy to smarten the whole look up (£162).

They’re in the shops now and besides Marina Rinaldi’s own boutiques they can be found in Harrods and Selfridges.

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