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Trousers that are the epitome of elegance

The understated elegance of the ‘perfect trousers’

Trousers that are the epitome of elegance

April 06 2011
Lucia van der Post

Slightly scary for those of us who aren’t beanpoles is the revival of trousers of the high-waisted, wide-leg variety. On beanpoles, they look divine; on the rest of us, not so hot. But if we mind about our wardrobes being au courant we will have to get to grips with trousers because they’re on their way as surely as spring follows winter.

There is, however, some good news. Phoebe Philo – she who delivers up chic simplicity at Céline – has had a brilliant notion: she calls it “five perfect trousers”. They’re all very much in tune with the Céline customer’s desire for understated elegance and they’re designed to be the backbone of a modern wardrobe. This spring/summer the collection includes a pleated tapered leg, and a “men’s” straight-leg (designed to look as if it’s been borrowed from a chap’s wardrobe) that flares very slightly towards the bottom (left in picture). Then there’s a cropped tube leg (right in picture) and a tapered leg, which are probably the most flattering for those who are not very tall. Finally, there’s the fashionable high-waisted flared trouser.

All these come in good crêpe fabrics, in black, white and cream, and prices range from £320 to £510. The best place to see the collection is the Céline shop at London’s Dover Street Market. Selfridges and Harrods also stock some of the collection. But the trousers are well worth checking out each season as they will be a permanent, evolving part of every collection Philo does.

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