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Celebrating the return of the wide trouser

Bravo, Oska – these trousers are stylish, and comfortable too

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Celebrating the return of the wide trouser

March 25 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Rejoice, rejoice, for the wide trouser is back. Being a somewhat wide-legged woman myself, this is my favourite trouser shape and I have waited very patiently (mostly in skirts) for its return. Which is why, last Saturday, I bought not one but two pairs of spring-weight trousers whose legs fall and drape most elegantly around the thighs and calves and then taper slightly around the ankle, resulting in a rather interesting silhouette.

When it comes to clothing, I believe that chicness must always come before comfort so I would have bought these trousers however difficult they were to wear, but it turns out that they are ease personified. The fabric (a mix of linen, cotton, viscose and polyester) doesn’t crumple, the cut allows for movement, and the narrower ankle means that there are no flapping hemlines to trip over.

I discovered these pieces of sartorial perfection in my local clothes store, Blue (a brilliant boutique with branches in Cheltenham and Bath), but they are made by Oska, a German brand specialising in quirky and grown-up casual chic which has a branch in London; the trousers are also available online at Jules B. I wasn’t an Oska fan but now I am a convert.

Pinja wide-leg trousers by Oska, £199.

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