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Bright hosiery for humdrum winter days

The tights that are the dernier cri in style

Bright hosiery for humdrum winter days

February 09 2011
Lucia van der Post

When it comes to tights, there is a school of thought that says that nothing other than 60 denier black opaque will do all winter long. It’s quite true that nothing is quite so flattering to the leg, nothing speaks so powerfully of austere chic. But tights this winter have often added a pop of interest to an otherwise simple outfit. They can be fun, too.

I remember a most beautiful friend turning up for dinner at our house clad entirely in black except for her legs, which were a riot of bright and pale pink stripes. They looked wonderful – and, more importantly, she looked like the person you hoped you’d end up sitting next to.

This bitter winter has concentrated the mind on the charm of tights. The favourites among fashionistas who didn’t object to the £200-plus price tag (from Net-a-Porter) were Rick Owens’ extra-long cashmere numbers (and in case you’re wondering, those aren’t wrinkles you think you see, it’s called ruching, just so you know). Alternatives have included the black ribbed cashmere-blend ones by Falke (£24) or, sleeker still, Wolford’s black silk and cashmere ones (£115), which have been the urban way to keep out the chill. If you want a change from plain black opaque, go either for a single solid colour (Falke’s in purple are great, £11, or Trasparenze’s raspberry red, £12.20) or Pamela Mann’s 50 denier ones in royal blue (pictured, £4.95), all from Mytights.com.

But let me draw your attention to Tabio’s wonderful selection. This Japanese hosiery company offers tights in a host of vibrant single colours – bright pink, orange, petrol blue, grass green, buttercup yellow – in five deniers (from 30 to 210), from £9.95-£18. And the good news is that you can now buy online.

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