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Zagliani moves into a quieter realm

A maker of blingy bags and shoes moves into more tasteful territory

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Zagliani moves into a quieter realm

January 21 2011
Lucia van der Post

If your only acquaintanceship with the posh Italian brand of Zagliani has been seeing photographs of Kylie staggering under a monstrous gold handbag, you may not be thrilled to discover that there is now a stand-alone shop devoted entirely to Zagliani offerings. However, since the glory days when its vast gold number threatened to overpower many of its size-zero fans, Zagliani has moved on to quieter, more tasteful things.

Its main claim to fame is that it uses exotic skins, almost exclusively crocodile and python, and that it treats them with silicone injections which render them extraordinarily soft and pliable – “almost like cashmere”, says one fan. It has lots of lovely soft, pouchy shapes, and it comes in a range of colours including burgundy red, grey and green. Shapes vary from small and cute to the bigger, slouchy, very practical versions that would hold almost everything one needs for the daily round.

While the company still does its iconic gold version, called the “puffy” (real gold is used to give it its distinctive glistening hue, and caused prices to veer startlingly up towards the £24,000 mark), most of its customers in these less blingy days opt for the quieter, more discreet designs. Prices for bags start at around £1,000 for the smaller ones and soon there will be some of its distinctive shapes in canvas and leathers at much friendlier prices.

In the meantime, at its new shop in London’s Sloane Street, you will also be able to find Zagliani shoes – lovely, sexy high heels, very much in the mood of the moment, from £740 to £1,000. Its bags and shoes also come in the more understated crocodile, although fans of the skins will have noticed that prices in recent times have risen dramatically.

First picture: Procida handbag, £3,360. Second picture: shoe/sandal in python, £610. (Crocodile version, £1,960.)