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This is ski wear for the serious skier

Ski wear that won’t leave you looking like a Michelin man

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This is ski wear for the serious skier

January 14 2011
Lucia van der Post

As the skiing season moves into full swing, here’s something for serious skiers. Mover may not be a brand you’ve heard of. It’s a little bit under the radar, a Swiss company with lots of serious skiing fans – Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Charlotte Gainsbourg have been seen on the slopes in its wares.

Originally Swedish-owned, the company has recently been bought by Nicolas Rochat, Swiss grandson of the founder of Grohe, the provider of very swish bathrooms. He’s a keen skier who has moved the headquarters to Lausanne and he’s been concentrating on technical innovation. What all skiers are looking for is something fine and light (it’s that Michelin-man look that leads me to try to be incognito on the slopes) but also warm and technically advanced enough to give proper protection from everything that snowy altitudes can throw at them.

This year Mover does seem to have come up with some real innovations. There’s its combination of merino wool and a stretch fabric which it fuses together to make a much lighter, finer and breathable garment with none of the bulk that is the hallmark of so many ski suits. This, as any vain female skier will be particularly keen on, means that its all-in-one ski suits (first picture, €910), its trousers (high-waisted, very flattering, €420), its salopettes all give a slim, clean line, paring inches off the silhouette and yet still doing everything ski suits are meant to. Because it’s so warm you can get away with wearing very little underneath – possibly just long johns and a thermal vest.

If it’s a brutally cold day then you should think about its aluminium jacket (€300), which you would probably wear under the ski suit or jacket. It’s padded with Swisswool, a non-synthetic insulation made from wool and corn (yes, really). It weighs a mere 300g and yet provides lots of added warmth. Another innovation from Mover is its use of Gore-Tex with a merino wool lining, which gives comfort and breathability. (Second picture: Gore-Tex wool pro jacket, €710.)

If you’re the sort of skier who dons your designer gear and snow-ploughs gently to the restaurant for lunch, then Moncler or Chanel are probably more the brands for you. They’re both gorgeous and you’ll look a dream. But if you’re a serious skier, then take a look at Mover. It’s really onto something. It doesn’t offer the overt glamour of other designer ranges but it does offer the aforementioned slim, clean line – something devoutly to be welcomed by those of us who aren’t shaped like Elle Macpherson.

It comes in flattering colours – black, if it’s looking slim that you mind most about, bright pink, soft blue, white and lots more. The range is on sale in swish ski-shops across the Alps but it is also available through the Mover website, where you can have an online consultation about sizes, performance and everything else you need to know.

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