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Clothes that combine comfort with pizzazz

Fashion that’s far removed from the world of urban chic

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Clothes that combine comfort with pizzazz

December 22 2010
Lucia van der Post

Now, if your style is all sleek and metropolitan, if you’re reed-thin and trawling through Net-a-Porter is one of your guilty pleasures, then this issue’s offering is probably not for you. But if, like many of us, your waist isn’t quite what you wish it were and you want clothes that are comfortable but have a bit of pizzazz, let me tell you about Cabbages & Roses.

Cabbages & Roses was started by Christina Strutt and Brigette Buchanan, primarily to bring their brand of faded English charm to the world of bed linen, curtains and upholstery. Both live in rural bliss in divine homes, and didn’t feel that tight skirts, high heels and urban chic suited them or their lifestyles. So they started making clothes out of their fabrics that were easy to wear, covered up their middles and were also very pretty. They both have a great eye (Strutt used to work at Vogue) and so it wasn’t long before people stopped them, wanting to know where they could buy these quirky, comfy, flattering garments. Which is how Cabbages & Roses clothing came to be.

Turn to it now and what will you find? A beautiful, long tartan coat with a high, double-breasted fastening, velvet collars and cuffs (£349). I like it best in red and green, but there’s a sleeker version in black-and-white check (second picture, £325). There are some charming hacking and riding jackets, beautifully cut to emphasise the waist in lovely country russets and greens and dark grey, all lined in a trademark Cabbages & Roses floral (£225-£250), perfect for lunch in the village pub on country days, when high glamour would look plain daft. (First picture: hacking jacket, £250, shorts, £110, stripe top, £60.)

The separates are fabulous, but to see how to put the look together it’s best to check out the brochure online. There’s a lovely dark grey knitted dress (£198), which looks brilliant over jeans or a full-length skirt in a similar shade (£129) teamed with dark tights and pumps.

I can’t emphasise enough that these are clothes for your downtime, for working at home, for rambling around your local area and for holidays; and for all of that, they are perfect.

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