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A seriously good-looking MacBook bag

It’s a laptop carrier, it’s a handbag – and it’s supremely stylish

A seriously good-looking MacBook bag

November 28 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This delectable Mulberry bag, designed to carry a 13in MacBook in padded safety, was discovered by Mrs Technopolis in her search for something seriously good-looking that she could use as both a laptop carrier and a standard handbag – at the same time.

And if, chaps, you haven’t solved the Christmas present for wife-stroke-girlfriend problem, the Bayswater could yet make you into her knight in, er, patent armour.

I have to say, this beautifully-made-in-Somerset bag makes me a wee bit envious. A man would be hard-pushed to find anything as elegant. Now, no doubt, PRs will be hot on my heels with suggestions for a man-bag (probably non-patent) version, so a brief word: expansion is the thing – to carry anything from an iPad and FT Weekend to a full kit of MacBook, voice recorder, camera, lenses – and more.

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