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A printed plastic poncho that’s actually attractive

A stylish solution to wet and windy school walks

A printed plastic poncho that’s actually attractive

October 01 2010
Jenny Dalton

When I decided that the daily school run should be a walk (healthier for us, better for the environment), it was summer, and there was something romantic and nostalgic about the swathe of blue-uniformed children weaving their way to school on foot. Come autumn and the start of heavy rain, and the swathes have disappeared and our enthusiasm for the walk has palled. I knew I had to get seriously equipped. Not with car, but with waterproofs.

Being from the north, I have never subscribed to the need for wet-weather gear. I’ve never owned wellies and have always relied on a simple umbrella, hat or, well, just dashing about with a jacket held over my head when the heavens opened unexpectedly. There is no dashing, however, when you’re wheeling a pushchair and holding on to a five-year-old, so I decided it was time to reappraise that British classic, the Pac-a-Mac.

Fortunately London sisters Julia Stephenson and Katy Isaacs have done it for me. Their range of RainWave fold-up macs are stylish and effective at keeping you dry (the longer one keeps thighs warm and rain-free, and they’re Teflon coated for full waterproofing), have well-positioned arm wells so you can use your arms without exposing your body, and amazingly these printed ponchos – particularly the animal prints – are flattering and attractive enough that you may even get compliments.

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