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The blouse that chic New Yorkers swear by


October 03 2009
Maria Shollenbarger

Every chic woman I know in New York knows about (and probably owns at least one of) the Tucker blouse – a shirred-necked, full-sleeved, feminine-style linchpin that plays nicely with everything from skinny jeans to a tweed pencil skirt. (My favourite in my personal arsenal, an ivory silk with a watercolor floral print in dusty blue and pink, gets deployed at least once a week.) Most of us devotees have collected several because every season Gaby Basora, Tucker’s genius designer, thoughtfully produces The Blouse in about a dozen prints, one more gorgeous than the next, as well as in a handful of solid-color silk-satins.

When I moved to London several months ago, I was dismayed to discover that you had to stage a full-scale tour of the perimeter, from Kilburn to Clapham, hitting all the more esoteric boutiques, to track one down. So thank goodness for Liberty and Matches, both of which as of September stock generous selections of The Blouse for £228, along with The Dress, The Boat-Neck Shirt, The Tunic, and other slinky, flattering-on-every-figure Tucker staples none of us can really go wrong with.

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