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Rediscovering the pleasures of the petticoat age

What lies beneath? A fine-mesh slip dress, that’s what

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Rediscovering the pleasures of the petticoat age

September 13 2010
Lucia van der Post

I don’t know what’s happened to petticoats, but my mother never got dressed without one. It made all her clothes lie better and she had a wardrobe full of them.

Searching for one this summer to render decent my floatiest and prettiest dresses, I came upon the best slip dress (first picture) I’ve found for a long time. In fine mesh, by Bodas, it sells for just £45. And if you like the delicacy of the mesh, there’s an underskirt (£21), low hipster knickers (second picture, £18) and bra (£35) to match.

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