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A glamorous and flattering collection for autumn/winter

Ischiko knows how to flatter less-than-perfect bodies

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A glamorous and flattering collection for autumn/winter

August 25 2010
Lucia van der Post

Regular readers will be familiar with my love of Turkish-born designer Ischiko’s clothes. She’s recently had a few seasons when she doesn’t seem to have been on brilliant form, but this autumn she’s back at the top of her game.

I’m not much of a one for pre-ordering clothes (who wants to think about tweed in July?), but I so wanted pieces from this winter’s collection that I already have, hanging in my wardrobe, lucky me, several of her pieces. Ischiko is a brilliant designer for women who want to look interesting and up to date but don’t want to look daft or as if they’re trying too hard.

She also understands how to flatter bodies that are less than perfect. I’m only 5ft 2in and not as thin as I’d like to be (sorry to bang on about it, but it’s relevant), and yet I can step into Ischiko’s clothes and feel a million dollars.

This is what I’ve bought for the coming season: a lovely black wool dress that skims tactfully past the waist, has a round neck, trumpet sleeves and a little cascade of black ribbons down the front (second picture, £369); some soft flattering grey wool crepe trousers with interesting little “wings” at the side which create interest and distract the eye from the hips (third picture, £389); a soft wool black jacket which has an origami-like fold at the front and an asymmetrical button-fastening which could be worn with any existing black skirt or trousers (fourth picture, £599); and a soft grey origami-like asymmetrical silky top (£275).

But look out, too, for some great coats, particularly the knitted ones and a glamorous black evening coat (first picture, from £700). The best selections are to be found at Shoon, Fenwick and Liberty.

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