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Chic kaftans and accessories at the click of a mouse

This online store is a dreamworld of diaphanous kaftans

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Chic kaftans and accessories at the click of a mouse

August 03 2010
Dominic Lutyens

Tallulah & Hope entices you into an Elysian world of high-octane poolside glamour the moment you alight on its home page. Suddenly you are transported to a sleek mid-century modernist villa in, say, Palm Springs where it’s always cocktail hour. To embody that gently hedonistic lifestyle, Tallulah & Hope – brainchild of Zoe Holborough and Lisa Ispani (wife of Patrick Clayton-Malone, co-founder of London’s hip Canteen restaurants) – invites you to waft about nonchalantly in exquisite kaftans. Forget garish suburban cruise wear, think diaphanous silk kaftans (long and short) in shades such as champagne or smoky teal blue (first picture, from £180). Inspirations, we learn, include 1930s socialite Gloria Guinness and 1970s “laid-back bohemian cool”.

The kaftans are chic yet versatile and practical – beachwear that can segue into more sculpted eveningwear with the nifty addition of a suede tie belt (third picture, from £45). Alternatively, pareos, which you can knot in countless ways for a more personal look, become beach dresses (£160) or voluminous scarves. One has a Matisse-like, near-abstract flying-bird print (second picture) – the perfect motif for clothes exuding summertime freedom. Should the temperature dip, shrug on a cotton poncho in burnt orange, black or navy (from £180). For mini-glamourpusses there are even children’s cover-ups in similarly grown-up neutrals (£40).

Final proof of all this sophistication comes in the form of vintage scarves designed by Zika Ascher (£30), whose legendary textile house created scarves, from 1945, in collaboration with artists of the day, from Henri Matisse and Henry Moore to Jean Cocteau.