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The high street label that’s unlike anything on the high street

Chic, interesting fashion at very modest prices

The high street label that’s unlike anything on the high street

July 28 2010
Nicola Copping

Sometimes I feel that it is my duty to report from fashion’s front line. Today is one of those days. I walked into the office this morning and received three compliments on the top I was wearing before I had even sat down at my desk. Forgive the lack of humility, but it’s only midday and I expect the compliment tally to rise before the day is out.

The compliments should be laid not at my feet, but those of a new label that I have discovered, one that nobody seems to have heard of, which produces unique items that appear far more expensive than they really are and are quite unlike anything else on the high street. It’s time to pass the knowledge on.

Today’s item in question is a navy chiffon jacket/long-sleeved top – the brand calls it a cardigan (pictured, £85) – with a gold zip running through the middle. On either side of the zip are four lines of thin horizontal rope held together by eight shiny gold naval buttons. Very nautical, a little Napoleonic, and quite a statement – hence the comments.

So who’s the brand? Vaudeville & Burlesque, stocked exclusively at Urban Oufitters. Not a name that rolls of the tongue, perhaps, but one that has provided me with interesting and chic pieces for relatively little expense. A little-known fact is that the buyers at Urban Outfitters help design the pieces they stock, making it that little bit more exclusive. Another favourite is a zip smock dress in sheer cream (£82); it works well with jeans and leggings and also tucked into a skirt for work. It’s a brand to watch – and you heard it from Napoleon first.

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