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What fashionistas wear on their feet when shoes are a no-no

A stylish solution to Japan’s ‘no-shoes’ policy

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What fashionistas wear on their feet when shoes are a no-no

July 11 2010
Sibéal Pounder

I first came across Tabio sockettes when visiting an expat friend in Osaka, who, despite having thrown herself into every age-old tradition and modern idiosyncrasy that Japan has to offer, was struggling to cope with the country’s widely-observed no shoes policy.

Not happy with teaming an Issey Miyake dress with cotton socks at a work colleague’s dinner party, for example, and adamant that she would not go barefoot, she had stockpiled an impressive supply of Tabio’s sockettes. These little lacy numbers come in every colour and pattern variation that you could possibly need, and they certainly complemented her outfit.

I was soon hooked, and so, it seemed, was everyone else; at a very fashionable party at the Hotel Monterey in Osaka, I struggled to spot a fashionista who wasn’t sporting a pair of Tabios.

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