Women's Fashion

Mutinous bounty

All is set fair when the captain’s wearing haute couture – with braiding, brass, buttons, armour and epaulette details. Ahoy, me hauties! Styling by Damian Foxe.

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She wears bustier silk taffeta dress with metal studs, price on request, by Zuhair Murad from Ricci Burns. Mohican headpiece made from metal, leather strings, wire, net, studs and comb, price on request, by Tomihiro Kono. He wears military linen wrap trousers, £415, by Mihara Yasuhiro. Vambrace armour, to hire, from The Costume Studio. Rope and metal chain necklace, price on request, by Erickson Beamon. Antique glass fishing net balls, with thanks to Nauticalia.

Browns, 24-27 South Molton Street, London W1 (020-7514 0016; www.brownsfashion.com) and branch. The Costume Studio, 159-161 Balls Pond Road, London N1 (020-7275 9614; www.costumestudio.co.uk). Erickson Beamon, 38 Elizabeth Street, London SW1 (020-7259 0202; www.ericksonbeamon.com) and stockists. Mihara Yasuhiro, see Browns. Nauticalia, 01932-235 550; www.nauticalia.com. Ricci Burns, 25g Lowndes Street, London SW1 (020-7823 1555; www.ricciburns.com). Tomihiro Kono, www.tomihirokono.com.

Image: Yuval Hen