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The T-shirt that fits in a pocket

Weekend away? Just put a couple of T-shirts in your pocket

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The T-shirt that fits in a pocket

April 24 2010
Catherine Moye

When it comes to buying a 14-year-old girl a birthday present, it’s always dangerous going “off list”, especially for clothes. But with her endless sleepover parties in mind, this year I bought my niece a couple of shrink-wrapped Muji T-shirts. She loved them.

The T-shirts are compressed into a cellophane package about the size of a cube of washing powder, which slips easily into a jacket pocket. Once opened, they have a fetchingly crushed appearance, as if one had just spent the night on a park bench – a fitting accompaniment to the ripped jeans and tangled tresses preferred by most teenagers. What’s more, they’re baby-soft, and, unlike the ghastly paper underwear that first made its appearance a decade or so ago, these T-shirts are for keeps. When washed, the creases disappear into a sharp look.

I found this out because with a short trip imminent, I decided to buy a couple to pack into my overnight bag. They were brilliant. For just £9.95 each, in a range of pleasingly muted shades of unisex colours, you could almost get away without a carry-on bag and just stuffing a couple of these in your pockets. Indeed, these T-shirts have proved so popular that Muji recently launched a scrunched-up scarf (£7.95) to go with them.

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