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Seductive evening bags from a venerable British brand

The return of a classic evening bag

Seductive evening bags from a venerable British brand

March 03 2010
Lucia van der Post

In spite of its Teutonic-sounding name, Tanner Krolle is a venerable old English brand that has been going since 1856. It used to make riding-boot cases for the hunting set, handbags and vanity cases for the Queen, and was the source of some of Princess Margaret’s favourite suitcases.

Over the past decade Tanner Krolle has been busy reinventing itself for modern times. While I adore its capacious soft-leather handbags, in particular the Eva (from £895, depending on the leather and the handles) which is perfect for holding overnight gear on a long-haul flight, it’s the evening bags that I’m in love with. Once, after I was compensated for being mugged, I used the money to buy my favourite evening bag of all time from Tanner Krolle – a little snakeskin number with two handles made from aquamarine stones.

So beloved is this design that Tanner Krolle has decided to bring it back. It comes in five variations, including green python with labradorite handles (pictured), black and white python with sandstone handles, and the one most like my own which is of grey python with greenish labradorite handles.

All sell for £1,300 a time and the good news is that you can buy them online.