Women's Fashion

Soft scoop

Ice-cream and sorbet shades bring the refreshing palette of summer to winter’s most feel-good fabrics. Styling by Damian Foxe. Photography by Andrew Yee

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Silk bomber jacket, £870, silk tank top, £350, and cotton trousers, £550, all by Chloé. Knitted gloves, £120, by Hockley. Patent leather bag, £575, by Marni. Bisset modal scarf, £99, by Lily and Lionel. 18ct rose gold and oxidised silver large Lotus ring with amber and white diamonds, £4,850, by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen at Talisman Gallery. Plummett No 272 Estate Emulsion (seen on cubes throughout), £32.50 per 2.5L and £58 per 5L, by Farrow & Ball

Image: Andrew Yee