Women's Fashion

Ornate expectations

The worlds of interiors and fashion come together to revel in the extravagant materials and intricate ornamentation of baroque. Styling by Damian Foxe. Photographs by Andrew Yee

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Eleanor wears embroidered tulle dress, £14,340, by Valentino. Swarovski crystal and metal chandelier-drop earrings, £68, by Butler & Wilson

Antique George III armchair attributed to Thomas Chippendale with silk needlework upholstery, one of a pair, price on request, from Ronald Phillips. Vintage oil painting by Giancarlo Drovandi, £725, and silver-plated and embossed jug (bottom left), £245, both from Regent Antiques. Canvas wall mural  reproducing Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects by Balthasar van der Ast, £70 per square metre (above right), from The National Gallery Collection by Surface View. Linen/cotton Brockham fabric (far right), £125 per metre, by Colefax and Fowler. Hand-woven wool Aubusson rug (9m x 6m), £2,507, by Paul Smith for The Rug Company

Image: Andrew Yee