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Stylish boots that actually fit around the calf

Footwear that looks good – and fits properly, to boot

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Stylish boots that actually fit around the calf

January 28 2010
Catherine Moye

For those of us with such skinny calves that we have to wear four pairs of woolly socks to avoid boot sag, the solution is to be found at Duo boots on Mayfair’s Savile Row. At Duo, the 27 different styles of boot come in 21 calf-widths (from 30cm to 50cm). This means that women with the opposite problem to mine, and whose Rubenesque calves threaten to cut off the circulation to their thighs, are also well served. Indeed, all women who believe that style is nothing without a perfect fit should hurry along and check Duo out. Their range of shoes also comes in three different foot-widths.

Based in Frome in Somerset, Duo is a rather eclectic English label that has been designing boots and shoes for more than 30 years. Most tend to be classic, riding-style boots, but a more opulent and colourful range has recently been added (prices range from £120 to £245, though there is currently a sale, with prices from £75). I bought the classic, Florence riding boots (second picture, £185) in glossy black leather that are tapered to the knee. (Also shown, first picture, Toscana purple boots.)

With so many boots in so many calf-sizes available, the boots are stored off site. At the Savile Row showroom you simply choose and are fitted for the boots, then they’re dispatched by post a few days later.

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