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The gloves that sparked a flutter of excitement

How a heart was melted by butter-soft leather gloves

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The gloves that sparked a flutter of excitement

January 13 2010
Nicola Copping

I tend not to get very excited about gloves. It’s probably because I usually end up losing one; my top drawer at home is full of lonely singles. Recently, however, my view has radically changed. Perhaps it was the onset of the bitterly cold season, where wrapping hands in warm five-fingered blankets isn’t an option but a necessity. Or perhaps it was because I hadn’t, until this point, met The One – or rather The Two – that would really melt my heart.

Gala Gloves, an Italian family company based in Naples that produces the finest leather gloves, were the ones to finally sway me. With materials ranging from peccary (Peruvian wild pig) to deerskin, via nappa leather and suede, their men’s and women’s gloves are about as luxurious as you can get – and they even do a made-to-measure service for those seeking something particularly sumptuous.

When I spied a pair in butter-soft nappa leather the colour of gooey caramel (the same gloves in a darker brown are pictured), laced with soft downy fur at the wrist – a pair that matched my Dr Zhivago-style fur hat perfectly – I got that flutter of excitement that only comes with a truly special purchase. And as the snow continues to fall, and fingers continue to freeze, they couldn’t have come at a better time. Although, who said practicality had anything to do with it?

Prices from £50 to £125.

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