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Watch enthusiasts will go mad for this new Reverso

An iconic watch brand launches its commemorative Mad Men model

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Watch enthusiasts will go mad for this new Reverso

January 13 2012
Vicki Reeve

As fans of über-slick TV show Mad Men look forward to the airing of Series Five (slated for March 25 in the US, days later in the UK), a select few devotees of equally classic timepieces can count down to the event in a style that’s worthy of Don Draper himself. For one of the most respected haute horlogerie brands, Jaeger-LeCoultre, has created a very limited edition of its iconic Reverso watch in honour of the programme.

How To Spend It luxury-watch blogger Ben Clymer says the Reverso “has long been the preferred wristwear of the European aristocracy”. The Mad Men model will only add to its cachet. Each of the 25 steel Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin Tribute to Mad Men watches is numbered and hand-inscribed with the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad-agency logo on the back (second picture). So when the wearer flips over the case in that inimitable Reverso way, he or she (for the watch is certainly slim and elegant enough to flatter a woman’s wrist) will present their alter ego as a colleague of Draper, Peggy Olson, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris et al to the world.

The €6,500 watch is housed in a walnut commemorative box and accompanied by a personalised letter from agency boss Sterling – a missive so witty it could only have been penned by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. There’s also a copy of the book Sterling’s Gold, again signed by Weiner, and a clutch of Jaeger-LeCoultre advertisement reproductions and pictures.

Mad fans, you’ll need your best pitch yet to secure one of these beauties.