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Kiki McDonough

Friends, food and family are at the heart of a busy weekend

Kiki McDonough

November 28 2011
Kiki McDonough

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The weekend is lovely, but flies by as usual. The house is full to the brim with teenagers and iPods all fighting for space, so I escape for a few hours to meet a friend for an early lunch at Manicomio in Duke of York Square. They serve delicious and very fresh Italian food – I’m a great fan of their endive salad.

After lunch I head into the shop to catch up on a few hours’ work before heading home in the early afternoon – by which time my teenagers are wide awake and ready for their day to begin, so I spend some time with them.

I always have a quiet night on Saturdays when the boys are home; we have an early supper with lots of chat and laughter. Later on, I settle down to watch Strictly Come Dancing and they go out to do whatever they do. Peace descends for a couple of hours. Every time I watch Strictly, I cannot believe the imagination it must take to design and make the incredible costumes they wear. I hope Harry Judd from McFly wins – his quick step was outstanding.

Even more faces appear on Sunday, which is the tradition, and we all sit down together for Sunday lunch. I don’t always have the time to cook as much as I would like to during the week, so Sunday lunch has become my speciality. After lunch, I join however many teenagers appear and watch the match – I always try to watch Liverpool when they are playing, I’ve been a supporter for years. They played a very good match against Man City at Anfield. We should have won but I’m happy with a draw as Man City are at the top of the table.

Before I know it, it’s Sunday evening, and I am looking forward to another busy week ahead – two dinner parties, an exhibition of my friend Willie Christie’s limited-edition photographs – love them! And a weekend with my friend Victoria Cator, who has just completed a marathon cycle ride around Jordan with her hamstrings still intact – incredible. But most of all, it’s getting nearer Christmas, which I do love – family, carols from King’s, New Year’s Eve with friends, and lots of food.

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