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Kiki McDonough

Meat, bread, biscuits: the jewellery designer is expecting teenagers

Kiki McDonough

November 26 2011
Kiki McDonough

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I have another early morning meeting today – this time it’s with one of my oldest friends, Joanna Wood, the very talented interior decorator based in Pimlico who is helping me do a few things to the house to make it less like a teenager’s heaven. We pore over pictures and fabric swatches with a cup of coffee and it all seems quite exciting, but interior decorating is definitely not my thing.

Then I have The Three Butterflies lunch at the Savoy in aid of Womankind with my great friend Gina Miller, who runs SCM Private, which was all about the empowerment of women. We listened to an interesting speech given by a brave woman who runs women’s centres in Zimbabwe. I have very happy memories of the Savoy; it’s where I had my first fashion show when I started designing jewellery and I think it has a lovely atmosphere.

I head back to the shop after lunch for a 3pm meeting with Alix, Harriet and Kate from APR Communications – another essential part of my life. They look after our PR and we spend the time discussing our plans for next year and the launch of the Luna and Eden collections that I’ve been working on.

Afterwards, I nip out to try to find stocking fillers for my sons – I can’t believe Christmas is only one month away. This year has really flown past. I struggle to find anything as they are 17 and 19 and impossibly difficult to buy for now. I contemplate filling each stocking with digestive biscuits and anything I can get my hands on from the £1 shop. Top of my Christmas list is a pair of fab speakers that I need for my iPod. I’ve now filled it with 350 of my favourite songs, at the moment I’m listening to Adele’s 21, and Stevie Nicks, Edge of Seventeen.

I return to the shop to finish up some work but find I’m going to have to come in on Saturday for a couple of hours – serves me right for going out to lunch.

I just have time to pop to Waitrose to stock up on vast amounts of meat and bread for the weekend before my sons descend from school and university with an army of friends to turn my house upside down. The big Liverpool v Man City match is on Sunday so I know there will be crowds around the television hoping to be fed.

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