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Kiki McDonough

A day trip and a dinner party for the jewellery designer

Kiki McDonough

November 25 2011
Kiki McDonough

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This morning I have an early meeting with Matches Fashion. I love that they stock my designs as it means that women of all ages, styles and walks of life are wearing my jewellery. I try to meet with their team as often as possible to keep them up to date on what I’m working on and show them my latest designs. I take the Luna and Eden collections that I have been putting the finishing touches to and hope that they like them as much as I do.

I’m finished just in time for a quick early lunch with my great friend Sarah Doukas from Storm – we’ve known each other for years, and try to meet for a catch-up as often as we can; it’s lucky we’re based so close to one another. Our favourite place for a plate of pasta is Elistano in Elyston Street. Our lunches are fun, and I always think how incredibly clever she was to pick out Kate Moss all those years ago.

Once we have said our goodbyes, I hop on a train to Cheltenham. I have a meeting with Beards Jewellers, which I’ve been so excited about – it’s such a wonderful shop and stocks some fantastic jewellers. The team there is a delight and I leave feeling very optimistic.

It’s a treat to escape London for a few hours; Cheltenham is a beautiful town, so full of wonderful old buildings. I particularly love the Promenade, where Beards is based; I could spend hours wandering along it, but I need to get back to London because I have a dinner party to prepare. I hurry back to the train but allow myself a moment on the way to soak up the bustling atmosphere of the Christmas market, which looks so pretty in the dusky late-afternoon light.

On Tuesday I am having dinner at Mosimann’s with the Financial Times, so I take advantage of the journey back to London to pick out some jewellery to wear. I have a catalogue of everything we stock loaded onto my iPad, which makes flicking through all my designs very easy. We have so many pairs of beautifully coloured earrings at the moment that I’m struggling to choose.

Once home, I start cooking – I have 16 people coming for supper, and they all think I’m mad. By the time they arrive, I have prepared what seems like a huge amount of food and I feel as though I’ll never be able to look at another chicken again. Dinner parties are my favourite way of entertaining – lots of chat and dressing up – and the food is always best when it’s simple and doesn’t take much preparation: roast chicken, roasted vegetables, cheese and fruit.

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