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Kiki McDonough

A new collection is taking shape for the jewellery designer

Kiki McDonough

November 24 2011
Kiki McDonough

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Wednesday is usually the busiest day of the week, so I begin by rising early for Pilates. My teacher Sarah comes to my house, so I have no excuse to miss a class. I try to fit this in once a week and this morning I feel as though it will prepare me for the day ahead – it’s all that stretching.

When I arrive at the store, the team has already opened up and sold one of our most striking necklaces: a coiled, snake-like choker covered in multicoloured gemstones and diamonds. I leave them to it and head downstairs where I set up camp at my desk, and busy myself with putting the finishing touches to two new jewellery collections I am planning to launch in the New Year. I’m so excited about these and can hardly wait to put them out on display. The Eden Collection is so wearable, with nature-inspired diamond pendants on delicate 18ct gold chains. I already have my eye on a four-leaved clover diamond bracelet that I myself will be wearing come January. I’ve experimented with new, pastel-coloured stones for the Luna collection, which is wonderfully glamorous, and I’m especially eager to see everyone’s reactions to these pieces.

When I surface, designs complete, the team is busily serving customers in the shop so I join in and help them for the rest of the afternoon. I love the cross-section of people who come to see us at this time of year – husbands buying jewellery for their wives, wives who come in to buy cuff links for their husbands and end up treating themselves, children buying my scent for their mothers, and friends buying one another my personalised clutch bags or sparkly Swarovski reading glasses. Christmas is coming, and excitement is building.

After a busy day, we close up the store and I walk home – I’m still trying to get used to the dark evenings, but love seeing Sloane Square lit up with twinkling Christmas lights in the trees. I take an hour curled up on the sofa with one of my cinnamon and clove-scented candles burning beside me. I catch up on The Jury, which I have recorded on Sky Plus, and then try to finish my book…which is hopeless.

Once my batteries have recharged a bit, I glam myself up and make my way to a friend’s birthday party, at her house. She has 14 people coming for dinner and I’m really looking forward to it as I’ll know everyone there – and when I’m working so hard, it’s really nice to keep grounded by catching up with my friends.

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