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Kiki McDonough

The jewellery designer on the pleasure of seeing London wake up

Kiki McDonough

November 23 2011
Kiki McDonough

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I leave the house early and walk to work, listening to my iPod, which takes about 40 minutes. I find walking in the mornings calming and it gives me time to think about everything I need to do that day. I love seeing the King’s Road and Sloane Square come to life as I walk past, with all the different shops, cafés and restaurants opening up their doors to the day. It’s wonderful to feel part of the community in such an iconic area of London. Just before I arrive at the store, I pick up my usual coffee en route – a decaf cappuccino from Pret A Manger that sets me up perfectly for the day ahead.

When I arrive at the store, Mimi and Jo have already begun organising the jewellery displays, as they do every day. Seeing them opening up boxes of brightly-coloured jewels is always a cheering way to start the morning. We tend to arrange the jewellery differently each day as it means that the store’s displays are always exciting and new. By 10am everything looks lovely and our first customers are wandering in looking for something special.

In between serving customers, my team spends the day putting up our Christmas decorations. We always dress the store window to suit the season – we’ve had ice creams and beach scenes in summer, golden-hued leaves in autumn, and have now turned it into a winter wonderland which looks all frosty and is the perfect backdrop for my sparkly statement rings that are on display.

I spend the afternoon catching up on a backlog of emails with my wonderful PA, Emma, who is indispensable. We also organise a delivery of my small leather goods that has just arrived. I designed and launched a range of jewellery rolls, cuff link boxes, ring boxes, card holders and key rings earlier this year, all made from beautiful English leather in my trademark bold colours. They’ve been such a hit that I’ve had to order more in time for Christmas to make sure our shelves aren’t empty. Having said that, “sold out” is a retailer’s dream.

I leave the store at 4pm today to beat the rush-hour traffic and drive to Marlborough where my son is at school – it’s parents’ and teachers’ evening tonight and it is lovely to see him as always… not sure about the teachers, though! He is coming home for exeat weekend on Friday, as is my other son, who is at uni, so as I drive back to London in the dark I am wondering when I am going to find the time to fill the fridge before they arrive.

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