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Solange Azagury-Partridge

To wake up in Somerset on a Monday morning is sheer pleasure for the jewellery designer

Solange Azagury-Partridge

July 12 2011
Solange Azagury-Partridge

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We’d spent the weekend in Somerset, generally lolling and lazing around – hanging at the village fête, buying up the secondhand books and homemade cakes. It turns out that everyone had the same idea – when we went up for a Sunday BBQ at Bill Amberg’s, everyone had bought a cake as an offering. They all looked vaguely familiar.

I woke up in Somerset on a Monday morning – that never happens! It is so gorgeous, I feel as if I’m in a Disney film when I open the shutters to the bunnies, birds and bumble bees busying away. They all look at me and then rush off to find another patch of grass to make mischief on. I took my coffee down to the end of the garden and sat on a bench with the cows in the meadow next door – the only place I can get mobile reception. Made calls to the office, sent e-mails and sat for a couple of hours to work refining and finalising next year’s collection.

We headed home in the car – Murray at the wheel, me working from my mini-mobile office in the front seat. Every week the fields differ in colour – this week fluorescent rapeseed a mind-blowing yellow. We always take a Stonehenge break, have a good old gawp and drive on. Most of the journey was spent on the phone, working out retail prices for a client’s special jewellery commission, deciding on ribbon colours for the new brochures, making sure the summer windows look hot, among other things.

Got home and shed my country wedges and slipped on my London wedges, which are considerably higher, and made for an early supper at The Wolseley to celebrate my son Otis’s 20th birthday (gulp!). He has stolen my diamond hoop earrings which I reckon are a good enough birthday present. He went off with his mates to The Box, sweetly inviting us, but we declined – tomorrow is a busy one.

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