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Blue Yeti Pro USB microphone

A seriously good – and good-looking – microphone

Blue Yeti Pro USB microphone

Image: Hugh Threlfall.

June 18 2011
Jonathan Margolis

You could have all kinds of reasons in your profession for wanting a good microphone for your computer. You may do a regular “from the desk of The Big Boss” podcast or web audio bulletin. You may be heavily into VOIP calling, video conferencing or dictating by voice recognition. You may be a broadcaster wanting to voice reports from your home or office without the bother of a full studio setup, or you may even be a musician.

Whatever your need, this strictly desk-based mic will be of interest to you. I say desk-based: don’t even think of taking it on the road unless you are really serious about sounding good on air; it weighs 3.4lb and stands almost a foot tall, with the grille you speak into close to the size of a drinks can.

The Yeti Pro isn’t just a cool-looking device with looks reminiscent of Lord Reith’s BBC; it’s also the world’s first USB microphone with 24 bit/192 kHz digital recording and analogue XLR output, so you can record digital audio with up to four times the clarity of a CD. It has three condenser capsules with four pattern settings – stereo, cardioid (heart-shaped), omni and side-cancelling bidirectional, which is ideal for interviews or two-person podcasting.

The Yeti Pro works with Macs and PCs via USB or to traditional microphone mixing devices, and produces shockingly quiet and sweet-sounding recordings indistinguishable from those of a real sound studio.

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