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Stephen Webster

The jewellery designer recovers from celebrating a new rock – helped by a rock band

Stephen Webster

June 05 2011
Stephen Webster

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Today was one of recovery after our huge party in Vegas last night. Ever since we flew Christina Aguilera in to do a small gig for us three years ago, the expectations of SW parties here are high. This year we used our bash to launch a collection featuring a new gem. New gems don’t come along very often. Of course, there are new gems with the exception, I suppose, of the diamonds the Russians are very good at making. This is, of course, a newly found gem, mined in the Anatoli mountains of Turkey.

Some marketing wiz thought to pull on the history of the country’s zultans and call this new gem Zultanite. With a name like a superhero, it really needed to perform. Fortunately for Zultanite, the stone has a chameleon like-quality, the ability to change colour under different light conditions. It can be pinky/brown or vibrant green, which can play havoc if you dress around the green and there happens to be the wrong light.

We felt we should launch our collection not from our booth at the Vegas trade fair, but in true Vegas style, in a nightclub. Maintaining our tradition of providing live music, we brought over from England The Band of Skulls. Riding off their hit tracks from The Hangover Part II movie, they were the perfect rocking accompaniment for the launch of our “superhero” suite of jewels.

The jewellery show has so far been very busy. There seems to be a buoyant mood overall. Last year was the start of the improvement for us, but the industry as a whole has been floundering around in the doldrums for about three years since the financial crisis. Nothing can reveal the state of an economy quite like the jewellery industry. I remember the difference between the last year of normality and the first year post crisis. There was literally half a show. The impact was so extreme it was quite a sobering sight. I do business in a lot of countries and all are unique but nothing is quite like the US. When things are good they are very very good, but when they are bad, boy it’s terrible.

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