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Stephen Webster

The jewellery designer arrives in Las Vegas for the big show

Stephen Webster

June 02 2011
Stephen Webster

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Coming in to land. Sin City, Lost Wages, Las Vegas. The strip always looks bland and beige in daylight. This really is the city for after dark. I have often wondered where all the showgirls, dancers, hookers, dealers and Chippendales go during the day. I mean, you hardly ever see a Blue Man in Safeway. Having said that, I did see an Elvis impersonator once with a shopping basket. Sadly he didn’t have any peanut butter in it. He probably wasn’t that committed, it was just a job to him.

I flew in on Southwest, which is the US version of Sleazy Jet. At the gate they take your boarding pass away and wish you luck. The air stewardess kept singing. It was so unfair, there was no escape as it was loud and coming over the Tannoy. But it wasn’t until she said “God bless America” as we landed that I reached for the sick bag.

I can’t describe the feeling I get on entering the visual feast and icy blast that is the interior of the Wynn hotel and casino. Don’t get me wrong; the hotel is luxurious, but it’s also a perfect example of “money can’t buy you taste”. The idea of these gin palaces is that you don’t need to leave, but because of the way they are laid out you think you have left. One year, a while ago, my brother and I realised we hadn’t left the Venetian hotel for four days. We were just a couple short of our own rat pack.

Our new booth looks great. The “Murder She Wrote” neon in red against the black on black of the rest of the interior gives exactly the Bates Motel feel that I was looking to achieve. Murder She Wrote is, by the way, the name of our new women’s collection; women driven to distraction, kind of a thing. The men’s has a punk inspiration, called Alchemy in the UK. The pieces have everything a man could need in silver, leather, rose gold and, for the first time for us, iron, which sounds so manly.

The team have been briefed, the inevitable arguments have been had over prices and names (over the years I have learned to keep out of that heated discussion). Our big story this year is that we are launching a collection with a relatively newly mined gem called Zultanite. Not the sexiest of names but that’s because, as with most of these things, the gem will have been dug up by some prospecting geologist looking for oil or something.

I will let you know how it goes down in the next instalment.

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