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Stephen Webster

The jewellery designer jets off to Vegas for a sparkling event

Stephen Webster

May 31 2011
Stephen Webster

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Back at T5, my spiritual home. I would like to know if there is any kind of claim to a piece of the real estate after having spent so much time here. A bit like squatters’ rights (do we still have those?).

Next stop LA for a dinner, then on to Vegas. Our biggest US show. This marks exactly 12 years since I showed for the first time in the US as SW. I know this, because my youngest daughter was born right in the middle of that show – not literally; my wife Assia was in Queen Mary’s Paddington and my brother and I were in Vegas. Obviously this sounds terrible but we were exhibiting and not there for the exhibits. It was a tough call at the time, but as a couple Assia and I decided that the show must go on, even if it was two very different shows on two continents. So happy birthday to Nika and fingers crossed for a good show for us.

The jewellery show takes over Sin City for a week. There are 3,000 exhibitors. The main show is literally camping, with curtains between the booths. To separate groups from the great unwashed, there are small oases identified by branded-looking walls and banners: The Luxury Group, Platinum Guild, Prestige Blvd, etc.

Getting sick of the low place to which our industry can stoop, 20 of us who felt we were above all that started an alternative show called Couture (OK, I know). We didn’t just use branding, we moved hotels, to the then newly opened Wynn. Eight or nine years later there are approximately 300 of us under Couture at the Wynn. The main show is down the strip somewhere.

This year SW is having a big party to celebrate the launch of a collaboration between us and a newly found gem called Zultanite. The name may not resonate but the gem is a gem and the party will be by far the hot ticket of the show

That’s it from me until next time.

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