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Stephen Webster

The jewellery designer experiences a revelation: it gets warm in Moscow

Stephen Webster

May 26 2011
Stephen Webster

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Quite the celeb crowd at the first night of Crazy Horse cabaret last night. Those girls can put on a show. Very clever lighting raised the bar for pole-dancing and stripping for a while. Ronnie Wood left early. Too much shadow play, I imagine.

Up at 6am. Heathrow then on to Moscow today. The C gates have just opened at T5 so of course nothing works but it smells nice and new. Very few passengers are going east today, probably because of the ash cloud. The buzz was that the back row were hoping the smoke detectors would be rendered out of order.

The first time I landed in Moscow 16 years ago I was met off the plane by a man with a gun and a fragrant woman holding a bunch of flowers. They don’t bother with the flowers any longer; just two thick-set men. Something was different about Moscow on the approach. It was the blue sky. I realised that after 16 years I’ve never been here when it’s warm, and boy, it’s warm. I then discovered I didn’t know the Russian word for hot, only cold. Which of course is usually more useful.

We’re staying at the Hyatt. This was the first real luxury hotel when it opened nine years or so ago. Also the location of the first SW boutique in Russia eight years ago.

Tonight marks the official launch of the Stephen Webster concession in TSUM department store. TSUM is like the Selfridges of Moscow. We will be hosting a party which hordes of glamorous folk will attend. I say that, as they always do.

Apparently they have created a tattoo parlour as part of the party, inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins party we held in the Old Vic Tunnels, London, last year. One of the side shows was a real tattoo artist at work. Sponsored by Pernod Ricard absinthe, that particular event got very messy. Let’s see if we can keep this one a little more wholesome.

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