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Stephen Webster

The day gets off to an easy start, thanks to the absence of Jon the bully

Stephen Webster

May 25 2011
Stephen Bayley

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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the office. I stopped at the gym. Normally Jon the bully is waiting for me behind the door or in a locker. He gets me down until I submit. For that he charges me £60. Today I went without telling him and therefore had an altogether easier ride.

The first work thing I had to do was to judge the Platinum Innovation awards. I have been on the jury for nine years. This year I declined because of family commitments. Not letting me get away that easily, they brought all the entrants’ work to me. I found the winners pretty sharpish. No time to muck about.

Next I signed on the dotted line to borrow enough money to bail out Greece, which is about the same sum as a three-bed flat in W2.

After that, my wife and I met with Guy the architect (who couldn’t find parking on Mount Street for his Boris cycle so brought it with him into my shop). Equipped with a pencil and a fag packet, he redesigned the inside of the newly acquired flat.

Back to the studio for the new men’s collection review and after that, straight into the couture women’s design meeting for the autumn.

This evening we’re going to meet Ian Callum, the head designer for Jaguar, of which I am an ambassador. Finally Crazy Horse, a burlesque show from Paris. Still haven’t packed for Moscow. Hope the dancers aren’t too distracting...

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