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Stephen Webster

’My Russian wife hadn’t seen a banana until she was 17, let alone a Vuitton bag’

Stephen Webster

January 29 2011
Stephen Webster

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Woken again by Keith the decorator, who has been with us for so long now I’m thinking of letting him the spare room and filing for adoption; after all, we still have a nanny two years after our last child went off to boarding school.

Had a Russian meeting this morning, though not the sort of Russian meeting the Americans used to have in the Oval Office. This was in the square office and about our business in the Russian-speaking world, now 30 per cent of our total. It’s amazing to think that a bunch of ex-commies could become strategically so important to the luxury sector. My wife is Russian; she hadn’t even seen a banana until she was 17, let alone a Louis Vuitton bag.

Met my friend for lunch who has a secret job. Obviously I don’t know what it is but he is a kind of international troubleshooter. Says he gets people out of trouble. Boy he knows some stuff.

Spent the afternoon doing a voice-over for a documentary I just made. It’s weird just reading lines into a microphone. What we really needed was a few bird sounds, horses’ hooves clip-clopping, and Phil Archer.

Early night tonight as early start tomorrow. Terminal 5, my Elvis chair (the one by all the tellies in BA lounge) and a long haul to the equator.

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