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Stephen Webster

Charity and chunky boots feature in another day in the life of the jewellery designer

Stephen Webster

January 28 2011
Stephen Webster

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Started watching an excellent Aussie flick last night called Lantana. Three quarters of the way through, it corrupted and that was it. Ordered another on Amazon as I have to see the end. Having slept like a log, the 8am gym call was easier than when attempted with a hangover.

My first meeting of the day was with the Silversmiths and Goldsmiths Charity (not the easiest cause to fundraise for) of which I have been chair for the past two years. Both years have generated record funds but I have had to stand down because of other non-charitable commitments.

Final sign-off on a new stopper I designed for a producer of a certain London Dry Gin and then finalised the designs for a one-of-a-kind piece for an alcoholic Irish Cream company. Why is it always booze? From Dom Pérignon to Grey Goose and everything in between, we’ve been paid to work with, then drink them all.

Collected my new boots from Jeffery West. Chunkier than my usual footwear but getting used to them. Plus there are small skull details.

My brother and I discussed the final preparations for a trip we are about to make to South America in pursuit of “green” gold. It’s a good story that I will share with you later.

Dinner at Ewan and Jane’s house. As the food and wine director of Selfridges it should be great food and wine.

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