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Stephen Webster

The jewellery designer is in great demand thanks to a royal connection

Stephen Webster

January 27 2011
Stephen Webster

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Met with Heidi, the agent who assured me that she is not an agent, first thing this morning. I get offered a lot of TV projects. I love doing TV as it makes a change from my day job. The problem is that I have no idea when to say no. From reality to documentary, they all look fun to me. Some folks who know better have suggested to me that I need a filter. Especially now. The imminent royal wedding has inspired every production company and their dog to make shows that connect with the couple. Garrard of course has a century and a half’s worth of connection with the Crown. In 1981 Garrard made the ring given by William to Kate; a sapphire and diamond cluster, chosen by Prince Charles for his then fiancée, Diana.

As a consequence we have been inundated with enquiries from all over the world from production companies who know the link and hope to get the scoop. So that’s why I met with Heidi the non-agent.

By 10am my office started to look like the communal dressing room at Victoria’s Secret. I had forgotten that I promised my friend Miss Dee that she could shoot the catalogue for her lingerie company, Dirty Pretty Things. I did my best to look busy but in the end I just ended up looking.

Early evening I met with Ben, the owner of the only Welsh gold mine. It’s a long story but he bought the drinks. Welsh gold is the same as any other gold but comes with a higher comedy rating.

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