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Stephen Webster

The jewellery designer puts a sleepless night to good use

Stephen Webster

January 26 2011
Stephen Webster

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Every month or so, I have a sleepless period of roughly three nights. I was told by a doctor that I suffered from wandering anxiety. During these times my anxieties do the most wandering. I have learned not to fight it. I look at it now as sort of bonus time; a chance to get into a book, watch some of those Sky Plus recordings or do some work.

Yesterday I did some work. Between 5am and 9am there are hardly any distractions. In fact, apart from a visit from Keith, our artistic decorator who I believe also suffers from sleepless periods, I managed to focus on the new collection I am working on for Garrard. I only have one other designer at Garrard so it’s all very hands-on. The brand is 275 years old this year so the collection to be launched in spring is a celebration of this. Drawing inspiration from the many military connections with the brand, Ilaria and I are finalising designs for a contemporary take on the pomp and circumstance we discovered in the vault.

Over-running as usual, I found myself 20 minutes late for a one-hour lunchtime session with “John the bully”, my personal trainer. If he wasn’t such a lovely fella I could really dislike him, all that encouragement and resulting pain.

The afternoon was spent working through the final short list of potential models for the next campaign. It’s funny how so many barely resemble the creatures in their portfolios – different hair, sometimes different teeth.

Evening spent at first screening of a documentary about designer Ozwald Boateng, shot over 12 years. I was surprised it was so warts-and-all. It was also a film record of my suit wardrobe. I had that tangerine one, and for a while in the US I was known as the man in the purple suit, a colour most men would shy away from.

Later joined Pete and Carolina Tong and Gary and Lauren Kemp at a Burns Night charity and haggis event.

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