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Stephen Webster

A cut, blow dry – and a curry: just another night for London’s coolest jewellery designer

Stephen Webster

January 25 2011
Stephen Webster

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With my wife at “boot camp” in Thailand (which to be honest has gone on so long now that I’m sure she and her orange platoon must be marching on Burma), my weekend role was that of US-style “soccer mom”. I can’t strictly blame my daughter for the soccer part, as that involved me watching Queens Park Rangers, after which I performed my first “soccer mom” duty – driving five hours round-trip to collect Nika from a sleepover at a farm in a remote part of Sussex. Arriving home late, I bought two gourmet microwave meals for dinner.

This morning I dropped her off at 8am then drove the three hours from our home in Kent to my office in London. On the way, I received an email from Nika thanking me for picking her up and for her first microwave meal. (Surely not? The kid’s nearly 12.)

Monday was super busy. Found myself actually running to one appointment, due to my PA forgetting to remind me that we had a famous couple already waiting in the Mount Street flagship store for a wedding ring consultation. After arriving panting and a bit sweaty (me; not them), they told me the wedding is a year and a half away. If I had known that, I could have taken a more leisurely stroll.

Later that afternoon David and Lara Walliams popped in to have a ring re-sized, then I had a meeting with my design team about the bottle for a new whisky aimed at young people (before you start, we’re not talking under-12s or anything). Following this, it was a brainstorm about our new advertising campaign. I left work at 8.30pm, and went over to Nicky Clarke’s house for a cut, blow dry and a curry.

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