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Geoffrey Kent

Glorious Montana is the scene of the luxury travel chief’s final dispatch

Geoffrey Kent

September 12 2011
Geoffrey Kent

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Woke up fairly early on Saturday morning to another hot day in Montana. I checked my emails and did some work for an hour before heading downstairs with my wife when we heard people starting to stir. After a light breakfast of fruit and toast and jam, we packed some drinks and food and soon headed out to do some horse-riding through the plains. I have been lucky enough to travel to some great places around the world, but I have to say the scenery here is up there with some of the most beautiful.

After a couple of hours’ riding we stopped for a quick something to eat and drink before saddling up again. Within half an hour we were riding through around 2,000 head of bison – a great experience. From a distance they look magnificent and up close you can really sense their power. These animals were dying out not so long ago, but I am pleased to say they are now making a comeback. We stopped in the early afternoon by a cooling stream and just relaxed for about an hour – much needed after several hours in the saddle. Then we headed home, reaching the ranch in the late afternoon. We were all pretty whacked and just had a relaxing evening together. Having not ridden for some time, I went to sleep recognising that there would be the distinct possibility that I would be aching in the morning.

Sunday morning I was up early again to make a few calls before we set off on a very exciting trip to Yellowstone Park. It is America’s first national park and is home to a huge variety of wildlife – some of which is more friendly than others – including grizzly bears, wolves and elk, as well as some spectacular geysers and hot springs. Because of the hot weather and some fires, a few trails had been closed, although the majority were open.

We spent most of the day at the park and it was wonderful and really relaxing – the scenery just got better and better the more we walked. I had wanted to get some fly fishing in while I was here, but the last couple of days have just flown by. I am flying out tomorrow for more meetings in the States and then heading back to London. Reading back over the blogs I have done this week, it does seem that I am always on the go; but that is just the way I am. I enjoy it so much that it just doesn’t seem like hard work to me.

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