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Geoffrey Kent

Cairo, London, Chicago: just another day for the luxury travel chief

Geoffrey Kent

September 09 2011
Geoffrey Kent

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Had to get up early this morning to catch my flight back to London from Cairo but managed to find time to have breakfast, do some paperwork and read and reply to emails that had come in from our offices around the world during the night.

I very rarely spend more than two days on the trot at the office in London as I am always travelling, so all the staff are used to me being gone. Maybe out of sight but not out of mind.

I got back to London around midday and went to lunch with the owner of some lovely hotels to discuss our guests staying at some of his properties around the world. I walked back to the office and decided on the way to stop and buy some magazines to read when I go to America later today on the way to see my sister and her children. I very rarely watch films on planes, preferring to catch up with work, or read, whereas my wife will watch a couple of films. I also bought a good pair of walking shoes, as I guess I may be going on some big hikes.

Got back to the office and caught up with some exciting things we have planned around the world to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary next year. I can’t quite believe that it has been 50 years since I started by organising safaris for people and got someone to install freezers in our vehicles to set us apart from the competition. This allowed me to take guests out for weeks at a time instead of days. So much has changed, but so much has stayed the same – it is still about offering the best experience possible.

The logistics for the celebrations are massive but it is what we do best so I have no worries that it will be all right on the night.

I had a small window of opportunity to go home and change and pack for the flight to Montana, via Chicago, where my wife and I are staying for a night.

We got to Heathrow at about 2pm for the British Airways flight. I never like to fly with a full stomach so just had some light snacks on the plane, some fruit and plenty of water. The flight was uneventful, but my definition of a good flight is one that lands safely where it is meant to.

Once we got off the plane and I turned my mobile on quite a few messages came through so, bearing in mind the time difference, I called back those people I could and emailed others.

We drove to the Marriott Suites hotel, settled in and refreshed ourselves before heading out for something to eat. We were heading to Capital Grille, one of my favourite restaurants, where they serve the most fantastic steaks, but on the way I took a small diversion and popped into our offices to say hello to some people.

We got to the restaurant and were joined by Brett Fichte, my chief financial officer, and his wife Carolyn. We tried to keep the business chat to a minimum but I don’t think we were always successful.

Headed back to the hotel to grab some sleep after a long day.

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