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Olga Polizzi

A well-earned pedicure for the hotel designer as she dashes about town

Olga Polizzi

August 05 2011
Olga Polizzi

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I meet my goddaughter Skye for breakfast at 8.30am and try out some new bread ideas from Millers Bakery where I’m a director. On the way to the office I stop at interiors shop Ma Maison on the Fulham Road to pick up a Flamant paint sample for the public areas of Hotel Amigo in Brussels.

I arrive at the office for 10am and have a meeting about our spa in Verdura, Sicily. The Verdura Spa is our largest spa, it’s huge. It’s a wonderful tranquil retreat with plenty of light and space, surrounded by olive groves. We are looking at introducing some new spa initiatives this autumn including a rather heavyweight, results-driven medical spa programme and detox which will have us all feeling younger, firmer, lighter and with much more energy. I only like spas that deliver visible results, not the tinkling bells and gentle massage type of spa.

At 1pm I rush up the road to Frances Hall in Mayfair for a pedicure. She does the best pedicures in London. I have lunch on the run and take my sandwich with me.

I get back around 2.30pm and have a quick sit-down with some of my team to look at the new range of wallpaper from Neisha Crosland for some work we are doing at Hotel de Rome in Berlin. We already use a number of her wallpapers in our hotels. I like her designs which are vibrant and bold with strong patterns.

I head over to the English Tea Room at Brown’s Hotel for a 4pm meeting with Dagmar Kluthe, editor of German Vogue. Dagmar is writing a book about Cornwall and Sicily and we discuss my experiences of both. I have spent a fair amount of time in the two places, especially during the launch of Verdura in Sicily and with my own hotel, Tresanton in St Mawes.

I arrive at the office at about 6pm. I have a brief call with my brother who is on holiday at the moment and has just come back from cycling 40 miles; he is a bit of an exercise freak and still trains for triathlons. I update him on progress with the Lichfield restaurant and Abu Dhabi.

I have a quiet night in, which is bliss. I do love London in August as it’s so quiet with very few engagements and parties. I open a bottle of Thienot pink champagne, my favourite drink, and watch an episode of the Channel 4 series Any Human Heart, which I have recorded.

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