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Gordon Campbell Gray

The hotelier maps out an exciting new project

Gordon Campbell Gray

March 20 2011
Gordon Campbell Gray

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Another breakfast on another terrace – this time it’s Grenada – and then we headed off to look at the site of the new hotel, and I must say it is spectacular.

You arrive through the forest and look down on the secluded, crescent-shaped bay. We walked around much of the property with the plans in hand to begin to map out where everything should be. It is one of the most exciting parts of creating something new, and of course the magic is when it is totally from scratch and you have no confines: it is a blank canvas. Bedrooms, villas, spa, library, cinema, tennis courts, terraces, pools, restaurants, bars, sun studies, views, etc all to be taken into consideration.

This is a real luxury, and with such a beautiful setting, there will be no excuse to create anything short of a truly fabulous resort. We have codenamed it “the invisible resort” as we want it to blend totally into the landscape.

I will be back again within the next few weeks when we will have started to work seriously on the plans. Now we have to race as we have to catch a flight to London and connect immediately to Beirut as I promised the family I would be back in time to ski in Faraya (less than an hour from Beirut) on Sunday afternoon. We have had the best snow this year and they will kill me if I don’t make it on time.

I know that tomorrow evening I will go to bed very satisfied, having had a super week, and I will say thank you and hope to wake up on Monday morning – and do it all over again.

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