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Gordon Campbell Gray

There are few things more satisfying for a hotelier than a resort full of happy guests

Gordon Campbell Gray

March 19 2011
Gordon Campbell Gray

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Up really early – no time for a swim – lots to do before we fly from Antigua to Grenada. We are finalising the details of the extension of Le Gray in Beirut, so I have to get on to a two-hour conference call to go over various design details. In addition, we are opening the sixth-floor terraces next month and we are adding two new bars. I have to be sure of all the details for the DJ, music system, lighting, etc. There is a whole team working on this in Beirut but I like to keep a close eye on the details, especially when it is opening so soon. I also needed to have a meeting with the general manager and financial director at Carlisle Bay to go over some budgeting matters.

The hotel is, I’m thrilled to say, totally packed, and there is something really wonderful about a resort that is full of happy guests. It is great to see them unwind and see them glued less to their Blackberry everyday.

Everything completed, we then had to dash to catch our Liat flight to Grenada. Upon arrival, we went straight to the hotel and dinner. We have a lot to achieve tomorrow so it is going to be another early start. We need to get a good night’s sleep to be fresh and energetic as we are going to visit the site first thing in the morning. I am really looking forward to this.

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