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Gordon Campbell Gray

The hotelier has work to do, but hey – this is the Caribbean

Gordon Campbell Gray

March 17 2011
Gordon Campbell Gray

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What is more beautiful than waking early to the sight of the sun coming up over the Caribbean sea – could it be even more beautiful than Beirut? The sea is as smooth as silk and I’m sitting on the terrace in Antigua with some lemongrass tea from our garden. I’m thinking, wow, how lucky am I? I have always simply adored the Caribbean and it seems a million miles away from the troubled times in the Middle East, Japan, and so many other parts of the world. There is no question that islands are special and I always find it hard to kick into work mode while I’m here. It just seems that you are merely meant to chill out.

I went for a long swim and had a super-healthy breakfast. After the slowest of starts, I had to kick into action. As I said yesterday, we had some super press staying and I was dying to show them some more of the island. I just had to deal with a few matters with the London office and then we all met on the jetty.

We took the boat around to English Harbour for a wonderful lunch at Catherine’s Cafe. Great food, lots of yachties and lots of rosé. This is one of my favourite spots and within a few weeks, many of the world’s finest yachts will have arrived for Antiguan sailing week. It is one of the highlights of my year when I crew on a friend’s yacht. We made a tour around Nelson’s dockyard and then returned to Carlisle Bay. I played some tennis in the late afternoon before having tea on the beach. I can never miss tea.

The press left on the evening BA flight to London and I had some friends around for dinner. There was a live band playing at Indigo on the Beach and it was just so cute to see all the young children dancing to the reggae beat. I hope they will always remember their first holiday in the Caribbean.

Tomorrow, I must work a little harder, but why? Hey, I’m in the Caribbean!

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