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Gordon Campbell Gray

The solitude of a long-haul flight is pure luxury for the hotelier

Gordon Campbell Gray

March 16 2011
Gordon Campbell Gray

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6:15am, the alarm goes off, and I’m on my way to Gatwick for the flight to Antigua to visit our hotel, Carlisle Bay. I do this journey all the time and just love getting into the airport lounge, having breakfast and scooping up all the papers. Luckily, I simply adore flying and a great luxury to me is a long-haul flight on my own. One of my golden rules is that I never ever work on a plane. I regard travel time as pure downtime and one of the few moments where solitude can be achieved. I fear the day when communication in the air becomes readily available.

I totally absorbed myself in the day’s news, which is positively overwhelming: Japan’s tragedy is hard to comprehend and I have been watching the unfolding events in the Middle East with considerable interest as we have several projects there currently in the pipeline.

We landed at 2:30pm and within an hour I was swimming in the crystal waters of Carlisle Bay’s secluded beach. The weather is sensational and it is, as always, lovely to be here. After my swim, I met with the general manager for an update and in the evening hosted a dinner for four key European press. We ate dinner on the seashore and the team at Indigo on the Beach looked after us superbly, as we enjoyed our freshly-caught seafood. It was one of those perfect clear Caribbean evenings.

I felt a good night’s sleep coming on. The windows were open and I could hear the sound of the waves lapping on the shore outside.

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