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Totally bespoke tech systems that unify the home

A unique approach to audio-visual devices, lighting and the full works

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Totally bespoke tech systems that unify the home

February 22 2012
Nicole Swengley

What distinguishes Tillman Domotics from other home automation companies is its totally bespoke approach. Every appliance is linked to specially developed software customised for each client by Matthew Tillman, while bespoke mechanisms, such as robotic TV arms, are tailor-made in the company’s technical workshop. Even the touch-screen tablet that controls everything remotely (second picture) has been customised to simplify its use. No wonder his services have been called on by rock stars, Russian oligarchs and the royal household.

Tillman’s bespoke systems encompass audio-visual kit throughout the property, including media rooms and home cinemas, plus interior and exterior lighting, electronic window blinds, security, internet and Wi-Fi access. All the elements are integrated into a single interface, with everything remote-controlled from an iPad. This displays images of each room, using Tillman’s specially developed “True Image” software, rather than icons or click-buttons.

Systems can be as specific or comprehensive as required, with prices ranging accordingly from £20,000 to around £1m. An art-lover living in a period townhouse in Kensington wanted a very discreet system to control music and video throughout the property, so that no visible elements would compete with the artworks. Another moved into a new-build house in Sussex and requested a complete system controlling every element – lights, music, blinds, heating, air conditioning, security and a home cinema. A television built into the kitchen joinery (first picture) disappears at the flick of a button, while blinds automatically lower to screen rooms from the sea’s reflected glare when someone enters.

“Integration is seamless throughout each property, although there are lots of systems operating intelligently behind the scenes,” says Tillman. Most clients are barely conscious that everything is linked to a central monitoring system in London that ensures everything runs smoothly. Automatically, of course.